International Journal of Agricultural Technology 2022Vol. 18(1):159-178
Available online
ISSN 2630-0192 (Online)

Abstract The effects of paclobutrazol at different rates on flowering, fruit and quality of Mao
Luang were compared to investigate the residue of the chemical in soil and its products.
Uniform plants of of Fah Prathan variety with 6 years old were selected in the farmer
plantation. The treatments were significantly different for flowering development, inflorescence
per branch, inflorescence length percentage of fruit maturity and yield per plant. Paclobutrazol
at the concentration of 200 ppm had the highest flower induction, fruiting and quality of Mao
Luang fruits, which showed good physical characteristics, and chemical compositions of fruits.
This concentration had the highest total flavonoid content in fruits. Paclobutrazol residues in
soil, leaf and fruits were lower than the maximum limited residues. The results indicated that
application of paclobutrazol on Mao Luang is safe for consumers.
Keywords: Chemical compositions, Flowering induction, Fruit quality, Maximum limit, Soil
chemical residue, Value-added products


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