Financial transactions and revealing are vital to all businesses, allowing them to understand the health with their business. In addition, it helps to location trends and develop plans for long run growth.

Monetary transaction is usually an event with a monetary impact on a company’s assets, liabilities or fairness (the owner’s share with the business). This can be recorded in journals.

Money transactions

Money transactions will be the most common type of transaction and are also based on the exchange of cash between two parties. Examples include purchases, receipts and payments.

Non-cash orders

Non-cash orders refer to the trading of goods or solutions without the using of cash. These can be documented in accounts payable, inventory or money and take.

Credit trades

These are just like cash deals, but they are based on the use of credit. These can involve purchases upon credit, financial loans, advances or perhaps payments to suppliers upon credit.


Any conventional paper or electronic communication that provides a financial record of any transaction, who has performed each actions pertaining advantages of succession planning to the transaction, and the ability to perform such activities are considered documentation.

Sales circuit

The sales cycle is a series of interlocking financial ventures that include customer sales, supplier payment and payroll expense. It also includes the sale of an property, and the receipt interesting payments or debt monthly payments.

Payroll spiral

The payroll cycle is a series of interlocking transactions including the calculation and recording of major pay, deducting employee fees and forking out employee superannuation or insurance.