The research on the results of comparing the pesticide knowledge of adolescents and parents engaged in agriculture in Buriram province was semi-experimental research. Quasi – Experimental Research aims to compare the pesticide knowledge of teenagers and parents engaged in agriculture in Buriram province. The samples were 60, divided into control and experimental groups. The instruments used in the study are questionnaires of farmers’ knowledge and self-defense behavior in the use of pesticides of occupational and environmental diseases. CDC, Ministry of Public Health Analyze statistics using t-test, percentage, average, and standard deviation. The findings revealed that adolescents and their parents who work in agriculture had significantly different pesticide knowledge and behavior. The experimental group exhibited greater knowledge and behavior from a mean of 6.40 (SD = 0.80) and 33.87 (SD=1.50). The samples’ knowledge and self-defense behaviors in utilizing pesticides increased statistically significantly (p<0.05). To effectively address the problem of farmers’ pesticide utilize behavior, the future study should include farmers in Sakaesam Subdistrict, as well as participation from relevant agencies.


Keywords: knowledge, self-defense behavior, adolescents, pesticides, agricultural


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