The current Penalty bet is still affirming its appeal, causing many players to participate in the experience. So what is the Penalty bet? How to win against your opponents? The article below MB66 will share with you the experience of playing Penalty betting “extremely standard” from experts!

What is a Penalty bet?

Penalty bet, also known as 11 meter bet, is the final bet of a football match, when the scores of the two participating teams are tied.

This Penalty bet will be a way to help determine the win or loss of the match, both teams will have to kick 5 goals from the 11 meter mark. In case the result is still undecided, there will be no further play. If after those five penalty kicks the score is still tied, each team will take turns taking one more kick until the winner or loser is decided.

Learn about Penalty odds?

Features of Penalty bets

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When does the Penalty bet appear?

Handicap bets and Penalty bets have in common that they are both bets that predict the winning team”s result and the number of penalty kicks taken on the 11 meter mark of the match. However, this Penalty bet can only appear when the match can meet the following conditions:

  • The match needs to be determined by the 11 meter penalty shootout.

  • After 90 minutes of official play has passed, in addition, two extra periods have also ended but the referee has not yet determined which team is the winner.

  • When a Penalty kick appears, the bookies will open a Penalty bet on the 11 meter mark that you can place a bet on.

Conditions for Penalty bets to appear

  • Penalty bets will allow betting to be placed while the match is still going on.

  • The Penalty bet will only appear at the end of the match and it will give viewers and betting participants a feeling of excitement at each Penalty kick.

Some types of Penalty bets

Like other types of betting, Penalty bets also have many types for you to choose from. Below are some commonly used Penalty bets.

  • Bet to predict whether this match will have Penalty or not: Some bookmakers will open this type of bet when the football match takes place. The person who has just needs to bet on yes or no.

  • Over/under betting to predict how many total shots will occur: You will rely on the total number of Penalty goals to bet on over or under. This is considered the most popular form of Penalty betting.

  • Betting bet on which team will be the first free kick team: The first free kick team is based on the referee”s coin toss result.

  • Betting on which team will win: Players will bet on the team that will win after the 11 meter kick series.


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