The OKVIP brand is a symbol of prestige and class in the field of online entertainment in Asia, having consolidated its strong position in the market after more than 17 years of operation providing diverse entertainment services. High quality and format.

Introducing the OKVIP brand – Asia”s No. 1 bookmaker

Introducing the OKVIP brand – Asia”s No. 1 bookmaker

OKVIP Group, an icon in the field of online entertainment, has proven its strong position in the Asian market. With more than 17 years of experience, OKVIP not only provides diverse and quality entertainment services but also creates attractive career opportunities for many people.

In the field of online entertainment and media, OKVIP proves to be a reputable and influential address. With more than a decade of operation, this group has built a solid position, becoming the top choice of millions of online entertainment fans across Asia.

OKVIP started its journey in 2006 under the name Taipei101, gradually making its name with stylish entertainment projects and strong investments. The process of selecting partners and associating with famous brands such as OKCHOI, 789bet, Hi88, Jun88 proves OKVIP”s dedication and sophisticated development strategy.

In an ever-changing market context, OKVIP is constantly looking for new ways to develop and adapt. The name change event from Taipei101 to OKVIP in May 2023 has opened a new direction, an important step in expanding the scale and improving the quality of online entertainment services.

Core values of the OKVIP brand

  • Putting dedication and customer care first, ensuring that every product and service meets and exceeds customer expectations.

  • Encourage a spirit of innovation and creativity in every aspect, from products to work processes, to keep the group at the forefront of trends and market needs.

  • Promote honest and ethical business behavior, creating a solid foundation for relationships with partners, customers and the community.

  • Support and encourage individual and collective development, creating conditions for every member to achieve their maximum potential and actively contribute to the overall success of the corporation.

Highlights of the OKVIP brand

Highlights of the OKVIP brand

OKVIP, a leading online entertainment brand, stands out with its diversity and completeness of products and services, fully meeting entertainment needs:

OKVIP interface is simple and friendly

OKVIP”s user interface is highly appreciated for its simplicity and intuitiveness, making it convenient for even newcomers. Colors and images are carefully chosen, creating a gentle and attractive entertainment space.

OKVIP keeps personal information absolutely confidential

Personal information security is OKVIP”s top priority. Personal information is strongly protected through measures such as 128-bit SSL encryption and firewalls, ensuring safety and no leakage of personal information.

Enthusiastic customer care is only available at OKVIP

OKVIP”s customer care team receives high praise for its enthusiasm and professionalism, ensuring 24/7 support and resolving all issues quickly.


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has established its position as a leading online entertainment group in the market. Through close cooperation with reputable partners both domestically and internationally, we have built a diverse entertainment ecosystem. This not only brings great entertainment experiences to users but also positively contributes to the development of society.