The author had taught Business English II for many years including business letters writing. Moreover, I did research about genre analysis and awareness of job application letters writing of business major students at Buriram Rajabhat University. Based on my research it showed that their awareness was high, but their writing had many problems. The objective of this book is to help the learners learn and improve their business letters writing. This book is the tool useful for business learners or students for developing their productive proficiency in business letter writing.
This book is divided into eight chapters: Chapter one introduces genre analysis. Chapter two presents learners the general format of business letters which help learners to compose the effective business letters. Next, chapters three to eight concern the types of business letters: job application letters, sale promotional letters, order letters, order acknowledgement, complaint letters, and adjustment letters. These chapters encourage the learners to analyze business letters carefully, and enhance their writing for business letters.
After studying this book, learners or students will be able to understand genre analysis and write effective business letters. Learners will be able to apply their knowledge in their daily life in business more correctly and strategically than before